I offer special dynamic yoga classes for mothers and daughters. As mothers and as daughters we know how precious and at times challenging a mother–daughter relationship can be. Yoga is a beautiful activity to practice together. Mother and daughter will practice staying in the present moment, in touch with the body and centered in one’s being. Authentic emotional connection between mother and daughter is cultivated in this class. With yoga, you cope, find relief, and navigate difficult moments in a positive way. By practicing together, mother and daughter will increase their individual sense of value, experience postural awareness and improve their body balance, learn how to deal with stress and anxiety through breathing techniques, and learn to let go.

You both will leave class feeling calm, peaceful and connected.

In this class you will learn the transformative yoga tools of visualisation for centering down and relaxation, asana (postures), pranayama (breathing work), yoga mudras (hand positions), meditation.

The emphasis of this class will be on building body balance and strength (partner exercises) but also calming the nervous system with restorative and rejuvenating yoga asanas to induce deep healing on all levels and for all ages. A heavy stressful day transforms itself on the mat and awareness, respect and compassion unfold for each one of us. At the end of the lesson, you will feel energized but calm and balanced at the same time.
Embrace the challenge of this special class.


Beginners welcome, general level

Registration & Pricing

For further information on the class and pricing and to book your Mother & Daughter yoga session please contact me.

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