Would you like to improve your athletic performance?
Would you like to learn how to stretch better and long enough after your running workout?
Would you like to have a complete body workout that reaches into the depth of your physical and also organic body?
Would you need to improve your focus and attention?
May I convince you that Yoga is more than “stretching” and “bending”?
May I offer you some additional valuable tools for your training?

For more endurance, more stamina and wellness this is what I offer:

  • Mobilisation of muscles and joints
  • Training body balance (that leads to more body awareness and greater stability)
  • Improved flexibility and posture
  • Improved body mechanics through proper alignment
  • Increase in respiratory capacity
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Regeneration after competitions
  • Degressive training support (scaling down from a life of sports competition to a non competitive life routine)

Physiological advantages of dynamic movement:

  • It is a great way of warming up the body.
  • The quality of the breath can be monitored and regulated by repeating movement.
  • It is more challenging to work dynamically and every time the breath will change and the quality of your breathing will emerge.
  • If you wish to work a posture that is difficult to hold for a longer time (statically) then you can begin working on it dynamically. This will slowly and gradually strengthen those parts of the body that are most used and will also prepare the breath.
  • Dynamic movement increases flexibility, especially if you feel stiff.

Training packages

1 Month Package
(4 sessions, 60 minutes each)

3 Months Package
(12 sessions, 60 minutes each)

6 Months Package
(24 sessions, 60 minutes each)

What to expect:

We will meet beforehand (90 minutes first appointment) for a brief assessment and for a better understanding of your needs and some training exercises. We will set goals together within the existing time frame and I will prepare a program for the chosen time frame and package.

Please contact me here to book your package or get further information on the training and pricing.

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