Need some balance in your office?

You sometimes need to relax?

Do you get stiff from sitting all day at your desk?

Corporate yoga classes support workplace health and wellbeing, allowing employees to reduce stress without interfering in the daily flow of work. The practice of yoga is proven to create a positive work space, effectively improving productivity, focus, efficiency and energy levels throughout your day.

My yoga business classes include relaxation, asana (yoga postures) and breathing techniques. Yoga at the workplace greatly reduce health problems associated with sustained periods of time at a computer screen or sitting at a desk. Each class is customized to suit the employee’s different needs.

I teach a blend of energizing dynamic classes with warm up phases and slower paced phases to end with relaxation and breathing techniques. Some elements of meditation are added according to the needs, level and wishes of the students.

Classes can be held on-site, morning, lunch or after work for a duration of 60 minutes for a number of maximum 15 participants.

I currently teach at: Credit Suisse and Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI)

If you are interested in booking a Yoga class at your work space, please contact me here to speak about the details.

Testimonials …

“I attend Elsy’s Dynamic Yoga classes during my lunch break at work. I always found yoga tedious and boring but this kind of yoga is DYNAMIC! It gives me energy but at the same time I feel relaxed. Elsy is a caring teacher and she adjusts and corrects carefully if a pose is not performed correctly. Elsy knows  and remembers the physical issues of her students.”

Paola H.GCorporate Business Agent

“Dynamic Yoga with Elsy helps me to feel my physical boundaries again. Her teaching gives power and endurance. She is very accurate in teaching  the asanas and carefully supports her students. Yoga with Elsy is an unforgettable experience!”

Isabella M. Bank Employee