I teach Dynamic Yoga Classes for »Beginners« and »All Levels« in person and online via Zoom. Group size classes are small for a better experience. Mats and yoga props are at your disposal and free parking is available.

We begin every class in silence for centering down and to calm our nervous system. You will ignite your inner life force with 10-15 minutes of fun warm up. Then you will gradually learn the basic classical yoga asanas which will enable you to stretch and release tension in the body. You will improve your posture and will develop a better and broader range of motion in your joints. You will gradually experience a stronger and more flexible body. I will slowly introduce yogic breathwork that will help improve your breathing, become clearer and more focussed.

Some introduction to meditation will help you establish more awareness and inner balance.

In all my classes I incorporate the 5 natural elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and SPACE. Each element will focus on certain parts of the body. Standing poses, core training, warm up sequences, backbends, twists and inversions. (Headstand, Wheel, Shoulder stand).

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Group Classes (60 minutes)

Drop In Single Class: CHF 33

5 Class Pass: CHF 150
(validity: 3 months)

10 Class Pass: CHF 290
(validity: 5 months)



For a single class please pay in cash before the class starts.
Passes are to be paid in cash in advance.

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What Yoga Students say …

“Elsy’s Yoga classes were a surprise for me. I never thought I could be so motivated doing Yoga. I usually prefer dance  and aerobic classes. I also always thought it was boring to learn to be in static positions and moving slow pace.It was the opposite. I learned how to use muscles I never knew I actually had…and I realized  how important it is to understand my own body and to be aware of my physical boundaries but also of my physical potential. What I learned is to relax certain muscles and to breathe differently. Energetic, professional and positive! I can only recommend it to everyone.”

“I have attended Elsy’s Dynamic Yoga classes since over a year now. I never have been attracted to Yoga because I thought it was boring. I was surprised and I became enthusiastic. It seems easy in a way but it can be also very challenging because you work with your own body weight. You actually feel you have worked out after the class. I am almost 50 years old and since I attend her classes I am more flexible, I move better, I can squat and sit on my knees much longer now, which was impossible before. I have also become calmer. I feel it brings calmness in you.”

After Elsy’s yoga classes I always felt regenerated. She has a  radiant personality and is a professional teacher. Due to my busy work schedule I had to interrupt attending her classes for a while but I am very determined to start again with doing yoga with her.”

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