Hi I’m Elsy Etim.

I am an Italian and Swiss national, born in Africa and I have been living and working in Zürich since 2004. My passion for sports and movement began in my childhood; in fact, I was an athlete and runner from early on. After my competitive career was over and some knee injuries later, a pregnancy and lots of office work, I tried out other sports and many training and fitness combinations as well as running in nature. Nothing was really giving me what I needed. Eventually I arrived to the conclusion that I had to find a discipline that could accompany me in life and keep my body fit, mobile and healthy until I turn 100 years old. That is my life plan. At one point Yoga found me.


Different classes, different teachers, different styles but only one inspired me.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear, and so it went.

Dynamic yoga was for me the perfect combination of what I needed. I began to feel more flexible and every class was a huge progress. I realized that I had not been breathing properly since a long time. I developed more strength in my body, and discovered how to work with my breath and use it in my physical practice.

I was fine with the fact of not yet being able to touch my toes or bring my head to touch my knees in a forward bend. Every time I felt safe enough to work on certain yoga postures enjoyed the transformation that was taking place in my state of mind and in my body.

I was calm and reflective, strong, more focussed. My heart was beating slower and my chest region felt wider. These tiny experiences in my physical body encouraged me to continue and I decided to enrol for a yoga teacher training with Susi Davies and became a Yoga Alliance International certified teacher.

My participation in various workshops, including Ashtanga Vinyasa, silent meditation retreats, etc. further deepened my practice. I then refined my knowledge studying Pranayama – breathing techniques – and adjustment techniques.

As a constant seeker of freedom with a curious nature and the desire to understand what life is all about. Meditation became a big part of my life since many years and this has helped me a great deal in my yoga practice. I study philosophy and meditation since 30 years now and I enjoy chanting and teaching mantras to my students, too.


Teaching gives me satisfaction especially when I see positive transformation in every single student. Empowering and encouraging people is my passion and purpose. My goal in teaching Yoga is to allow my students to connect with their body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in other words: to trust and discover their potential. The effects of a mindful Yoga Practice for me are extraordinary! Since I was a runner I could not slow down in everything I did daily. I now found my slower pace and Yoga keeps me in the present moment, and that is the place I want to be. This is the place in which we master our thoughts because our mind does not wander. We are less distracted so we focus on what happens inside ourselves and discover new sides of us.

7 Vital Principles of Practice

1. Centering down
2. Connecting to our Core
3. Grounding to Earth
4. Establishing Drishti (Focus)
5. Observing Breath
6. Stacking our Bones
7. Moving with Ease, Love and Joy.

In all my classes I incorporate the 5 natural elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and SPACE. I correct alignment of the postures and also blend it with fluid movement integrating the breath pranayama (yogic breathing techniques). Silent meditation together with mantra chanting are also part of my teaching programs.

My classes have been thoughtfully designed and are sequenced to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga is not just physical and neither only spiritual. It is not about performing difficult postures. It is a journey that transforms what you need to transform. You might learn to cultivate patience and love toward your body and it is a discipline which is definitely non-competitive.

Practicing yoga is an antidote to stress, nervousness and anxiety. Breathing techniques calm the nervous system and slow down our heart rate which is often needed in this fast paced world. Yoga postures and breathing improve the physical body but also heal our organic body. We are often projected with thoughts about the future or blocked by fears connected to the past and we forget about the present.

Join me in this revolutionary journey to achieve flexibility in your body and in your mind.