• Dynamic Yoga classes have been thoughtfully designed and are sequenced to support your physical and mental wellbeing. Practicing yoga is an antidote to stress, nervousness and anxiety.

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  • As mothers and as daughters we know how precious and at times challenging a mother – daughter relationship can be. Yoga is a beautiful activity to practice together.

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  • I offer private yoga sessions. They offer tailored guidance and advice to suit your unique body, lifestyle and health needs for all yoga experience levels.

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  • I offer a complete personal body workout especially for runners which reaches into the depth of your physical and also organic body and provides you with more endurance, more stamina, focus and wellness and much more.

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  • Corporate yoga classes support workplace health and wellbeing, allowing employees to reduce stress without interfering in the daily flow of work.

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Welcome! My name is Elsy Etim.
I teach Dynamic Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.

Yoga is not just physical and neither only spiritual.
It is not about performing difficult and acrobatic postures.

Yoga is a transformational journey that helps you to stay fit and cultivate patience and love towards your body.

If you are looking for an anchor in your daily life that helps you to deal with stress, weight loss. nervousness, physical pain or feeling stiff then Dynamic Yoga will support you. It PACES YOU, you find INNER STABILITY but at the same time it MOBILIZES your body and helps you to build up STRENGTH and STAMINA and EMPOWERS you overall.

Join me in this revolutionary journey to achieve
patience & flexibility in your body and in your mind.

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All my classes have been thoughtfully designed and are sequenced to support you in building body strength and achieving flexibility and to support you in your physical and mental wellbeing in a safe non-competitive frame.
High intensity warm-up exercises, yoga postures to follow, in order for you to stretch and release tension in the body. Correct breathing and alignment will ignite your inner life force and make you discover your vast inner potential.

7 Vital Principles of Practice

1. Centering down
2. Connecting to our Core
3. Grounding to Earth
4. Establishing Drishti (Focus)
5. Observing Breath
6. Stacking our Bones
7. Moving with Ease, Love and Joy.

In all my classes I incorporate the 5 natural elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and SPACE. I correct alignment of the postures and also blend it with fluid movement integrating the breath pranayama (yogic breathing techniques). Silent meditation together with mantra chanting are also part of my teaching programs.

Empowering and encouraging people is my passion.

I am an Italian-Swiss national born in Africa, raised in Italy and Germany. I live in Zürich since 2004 with my husband and daughter. In my high school years I was a driven athlete and my dream was to run as a sprinter. Life unfolded differently…

In 2007 I went to my first Vinyasa Yoga class. I thought I was strong and fit but that class prove me wrong. I kept on trying until I found my teacher and mentor. I am so grateful today that I kept being curious and did not give up exploring what yoga was all about for me.

My goal is to show my students what wonderful things our body is capable of doing: self-healing, flexibility, producing and moving energy through breathing, developing strength and stamina. As a former athlete yoga has shown me “another way”. From sprinting I now found my own “slower pace” and Yoga keeps me in shape and in the present moment which is the place I want to be.

What people say about their yoga experience…

“Dynamic Yoga with Elsy helps me to feel my physical boundaries again. Her teaching gives power and endurance. She is very accurate in teaching  the asanas and carefully supports her students. Yoga with Elsy is an unforgettable experience!”

“I attend Elsy’s Dynamic Yoga classes during my lunch break at work. I always found yoga tedious and boring but this kind of yoga is DYNAMIC! It gives me energy but at the same time I feel relaxed. Elsy is a caring teacher and she adjusts and corrects carefully if a pose is not performed correctly. Elsy knows  and remembers the physical issues of her students.”

“Elsy’s Yoga classes were a surprise for me. I never thought I could be so motivated doing Yoga. I usually prefer dance  and aerobic classes. I also always thought it was boring to learn to be in static positions and moving slow pace.It was the opposite. I learned how to use muscles I never knew I actually had…and I realized  how important it is to understand my own body and to be aware of my physical boundaries but also of my physical potential. What I learned is to relax certain muscles and to breathe differently. Energetic, professional and positive! I can only recommend it to everyone.”

“I have attended Elsy’s Dynamic Yoga classes since over a year now. I never have been attracted to Yoga because I thought it was boring. I was surprised and I became enthusiastic. It seems easy in a way but it can be also very challenging because you work with your own body weight. You actually feel you have worked out after the class. I am almost 50 years old and since I attend her classes I am more flexible, I move better, I can squat and sit on my knees much longer now, which was impossible before. I have also become calmer. I feel it brings calmness in you.”

I never did Yoga before but when I went to my first lessons with Elsy I felt attracted to this body and mind teaching. Elsy is a very professional teacher, very enjoyable and charming.

She is incredible because of her inner peace and she shines of a special light that can put everyone at ease also absolute beginners like me. Since I practice Dynamic Yoga I feel more balanced in all senses.”

After Elsy’s yoga classes I always felt regenerated. She has a  radiant personality and is a professional teacher. Due to my busy work schedule I had to interrupt attending her classes for a while but I am very determined to start again with doing yoga with her.”

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