I felt the need for a Yoga place in which one could progress. Something similar to a martial arts school, in which the student begins a journey, is accompanied, supported and encouraged to improve his or her personal practice.

I have been meeting students who practice or have practiced yoga in different countries and venues for over 5-10 years. I could observe that there might have been some core strength, strong legs but then upper body strength was missing and vice versa. The king and the queen of poses (headstand and shoulder stand) were hardly mastered. Meditation and breathing techniques were unknown to many. Since Yoga is not only about the poses (asanas) together with Susi Davies we decided to give birth to the Zurich Dynamic Yoga Academy (ZDYA).

The ZDYA in Thalwil is an internationally recognized Yoga Academy through the US Yoga Alliance and offers safe and progressive Level classes. You can start at Level 1 and progress all the way to Teacher Training. We also offer Core Classes (Pilates), Yin Yoga, Virya Yoga and Meditation & Philosophy sessions, private Yoga classesYoga for Runners, workshops and retreats. 

  • Classes held in English & German
  • Spacious studio with 4 m high ceilings – giving you breathing & personal space
  • Parking available in front and near by
  • No memberships required

Start your journey beyond physical fitness, towards a motivated and inspired life of emotional and mental wellbeing.

What I offer at the Academy

Level 1

The basics and fundamentals of yoga poses are introduced. Learn the process of proper alignment in the poses, simple breathing techniques and the use of props if necessary. A beginner student needs slow-paced direction as well as attention to breathing patterns. No headstands are being taught in this class.

Level 2

New asanas/postures at the intermediate level will be introduced. Poses will be held longer to deepen the experience. pranayama, meditation and mantra are part of this class. Headstand and handstand with support is introduced and vinyasa based flow classes to build strength, endurance and stamina.

Level 3

A challenging class for the keen practitioner. With freestanding headstands, deeper backbends and further explanation to yoga anatomy.

Yin Yoga

It was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body (nadis) to release blockages and increase your energy flow. A perfect class to compliment the dynamic classes. Open for all levels.


In this session you will do very few asanas, just to release spine and groins for upright sitting. Discussions on Yoga Philosophy and up to 30 min guided meditations.

Teacher Training

If you have been doing yoga for over two years, and are interested in doing a teacher training. Please speak to Susi or Elsie and check more info on our website. www.zurichdynamicyogaacademy.com

Private Sessions

For anyone that wants to start but is too nervous to enter a group session. Or any student that would like to progress on a deeper personal level. Read more here.


Gewerbestrasee 24
8800 Thalwil

Phone: +41 79 62 535 90

Elsy’s Next Classes in the Academy

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5-Class Passes*: CHF 145.-
10-Class Passes**: CHF 280.-
Casual Class: CHF 30.-
Private Sessions: CHF 120.-

*valid 2 months from date of issue
**valid 4 months from date of issue

What Yoga Students say …

“Elsy’s Yoga classes were a surprise for me. I never thought I could be so motivated doing Yoga. I usually prefer dance  and aerobic classes. I also always thought it was boring to learn to be in static positions and moving slow pace.It was the opposite. I learned how to use muscles I never knew I actually had…and I realized  how important it is to understand my own body and to be aware of my physical boundaries but also of my physical potential. What I learned is to relax certain muscles and to breathe differently. Energetic, professional and positive! I can only recommend it to everyone.”

Eva V.Shop Owner

“I have attended Elsy’s Dynamic Yoga classes since over a year now. I never have been attracted to Yoga because I thought it was boring. I was surprised and I became enthusiastic. It seems easy in a way but it can be also very challenging because you work with your own body weight. You actually feel you have worked out after the class. I am almost 50 years old and since I attend her classes I am more flexible, I move better, I can squat and sit on my knees much longer now, which was impossible before. I have also become calmer. I feel it brings calmness in you.”

Lori B.Hairdresser

After Elsy’s yoga classes I always felt regenerated. She has a  radiant personality and is a professional teacher. Due to my busy work schedule I had to interrupt attending her classes for a while but I am very determined to start again with doing yoga with her.”

Simona R.Office Employee